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Rainbow Falls Beaded Round Leather Dog Collar

Sleepy Holow

This collar is made with a Hermann Oak leather base hand-dyed black leather in a 1/2" width & stainless steel hardware.

The collar finished in a special bead stitch which makes it flexible and moves with the curve of the collar. Beautifully hand-beaded in colors of black, turquoise, blues, yellow, orange, white and red.

 Make it a Furs 'N Hers set here


  • Fits neck size 13.5 - 15" (holes in half-inch increments)

    Custom Order your very own Beaded Rolled Leather Collar HERE!

    ***Note these are made with glass seed beads, and while they are sturdy they can break with impact, so care should be taken while wearing.**
    ** Remember, collar safety is YOUR responsibility. Only you can determine the suitability of any collar for your pet. P
    Pattern credit: Asca


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