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Introducing a line that means SO much to me personally. These are our Keepsake Boxes. For me, it’s comforting to have a place for my beloveds ashes or a spot to keep their collar, a favorite toy, a lock of hair, a special photo...something tangible I can touch and hold and remember. It has helped me mourn my losses and deal with my grief.

When you open the box you will see a laminated photo and poem or saying of your choice attached to the inside lid. They come in Mini, Small, Medium, and Large. Please see photos for sizing of each box & match box size to Mandala size (Mini with Mini Boxes, Small with Small boxes etc.)

This is also a meaningful outlet for me that allows me to create something beautiful for your beloved boy or girl to help memorialize their life and your cherished memories with them.

Each Keepsake Box is unique, made with your input, totally personalized, and made with much love from me. I have many price points of boxes and sizes to try to make this affordable to everyone.

Please note that I do not keep all of these boxes in stock as it is not monetarily feasible but I will order your selected box from my suppliers once your order is received. Feel free to check with me ahead of time if you prefer, as my suppliers may have some lead time to make your box if they out of stock. I will let you know and try to provide you with some alternatives or time frame or we can fully refund your order. 

Painting each box takes about 1-2 weeks depending on the size and my backlog. Colors are your choice. I can provide color swatches.


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