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The Joyce Dog Collar

Sleepy Holow


I love the gradients on this fabric!  Hot pink, fuchsia to purples to mauves! SO pretty!  

We only use high-quality quilt-grade fabric and our fabric collars are lined with sturdy nylon webbing for added strength. A black contoured plastic quick release buckle for comfort and metal Dee ring. All metal hardware available as an upgrade.  

1" width 

Sold of your size? Contact us for a custom order. *Some fabrics and ribbons are limited edition.

Size Chart:

  • XS - 8-11”
  • S - 11-14”
  • M - 14-17”
  • L - 17-20”
  • XL - 20-23”
  • XXL - 23-26” 
     ** Remember, collar safety is YOUR responsibility. Only you can determine the suitability of any collar for your pet.