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Magical Waters ~ Chrysocolla Beaded Pendant

Sleepy Holow


Gem-grade Chrysocolla is STUNNING and reminds me of Magical Waters flowing with gorgeous shades of blues, turquoises, greens and whites that is accented perfectly by a hand-beaded bezel in turquoise and silver beads. 

Measures approximately 2" x 1.5 " and can be worn with a silver chain, leather or silk cord necklace.

Chrysocolla is said to bring peace to the mind and heart, to balance the emotions and to awaken compassion. It is tranquil and sustaining and is an aid to meditation and communication. It helps you accept with serenity situations that are constantly changing. It also inspires creativity, reduces mental tension and helps you keep a cool head.

**Note these are made with glass seed beads, and while they are sturdy they can break with impact, so care should be taken while wearing.**


Category: gemstone, jewelry, pendant

Type: Pendant