Furs 'N Hers Set - Leather Bead Inlay Dog Collar & Bracelet

Sleepy Holow


The Exclusive Furs 'N Hers™ line by Sleepy Holow is here! One of our most popular collar designs!  The Leather Bead Inlay! 

You and your best friend are going to look SO adorable and styling in a matching Furs 'N Hers set! We are not cookie cutter and aim to handcraft you an original, unique exclusive Artisan Furs 'N Hers set that fits your dog, matches your style, and personalities! 

As seen on Modern Dog Fave Finds!

  • Matching design 
  • Leather Base, your choice of color, hand-dyed
  • Beads, your choice of color and design/theme
    • 1" wide allows for 1/2" bead design 
    • 1.5" wide allows for a 1" bead design
    • 2" wide allows for a 1.5" bead design
    • Design in 15/o teeny tiny beads available for an extra fee. This gives more design space on the 1/2" wide designs.
  • Custom Fit (see photo or FAQ for how to measure for a perfect fit).
    • The 1.5" collar tapers to 3/4" at the buckle
    • The 2" collar tapers to 1" at the buckle.
  • Hardware: Stainless steel or brass 
  • Please include the leather base color
    • Light Brown
    • Dark Brown
    • Saddle Tan
    • Black
    • Mahogany


  • Matching design
  • Customize the cuff/bracelet width and length.
  • Backed on soft suede.
  • Leather slide closure allows for a perfect comfortable fit on your wrist.
  • Please include your wrist size when ordering.

    Any of the collar styles we offer can be made into a Furs 'N Hers set.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

    ** Remember, collar safety is YOUR responsibility. Only you can determine the suitability of any collar for your pet.  


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