Dog Collars - FABRIC

The majority of my fabric collars are made with Batik fabrics. I LOVE Batik!

The color combinations and designs are stunning and I seem to be drawn to them and I hope you like them too!  I do get side tracked by some pretty cute fabric too, so I do have some cute themed fabrics. I use a sturdy nylon core to make it last and give it strength. Black contoured plastic buckles with metal Dee's and all are adjustable. On request I can do in all metal, buckle, triglide, and Dee for an extra fee. 


Please note that, unfortunately, I am not able make Marvel, Harley Davidson, or Disney-themed like items due to their strict copy write laws and the fact the friends in the leather world have been presented with cease and desist orders from their lawyers.  Yes, even little sole-owner local shops like me have been served...BUT I don't understand?! They sell fabric & ribbons in the stores and online! That is because "the stores" that sell the fabric are licensed to sell but, as a maker, I am not.