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 One base collar - Endless Possible Looks

Our EVOLVE line all starts with one of our classic leather collars, called the Evolve base collar, and is paired with interchangeable top layers (overlays) to enable you to create endless different looks for your pup!

This is our lace overlay made with kangaroo leather lace in several colors. 

High-end luxury looks in several different styles at a price point that makes fashion affordable! Our classic leather base collar looks so good, you can wear it alone for days you need something less fashion forward.

  • Lace Braided
  • Bead Inlay
  • Stamped Leather
  • Carved Leather
  • Bling
  • Mandala "Mandogla"
  • Posh Pearls
  • Custom piece you have dreamed up

Enroh modeling in 2" width, name optional.


** Remember, collar safety is YOUR responsibility. Only you can determine the suitability of any collar for your pet.

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